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About the project

This tired coldroom underwent a complete refurbishment to bring the room up to a pristine finish. The old vinyl floor overlay was removed along with redundant hanging rail system which was no longer in use. A new marine ply floor overlay was then fitted and finished on each exposed edge with bitumen flashband. Next was the fitting of a heavy gauge treadplate overlay, finished with a pre-formed aluminium angle to the internal perimeter. The tired walls were then clad over with high impact hygienic sheeting and finished with more pre-formed angle to the upright and ceiling profiles. As a precaution we installed a room spanning section of top hat to prevent any sagging within the ceilings once the meat rail system was removed


  • 12mm thick marine hardwood ply
  • 3mm PVC hygienic cladding
  • 3mm aluminium treadplates
  • 3mm aluminium perimeter angle
  • A2 powder coated steel top hat
  • Bitumen flashband


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